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About Mr Belt
We are leading Manufactures, Exporters and Importers of Leather Weight Lifting Gloves, Belts and Martial Arts Equipments throughout the world.
Research, development and the most important factor experience of 25 years are the history of Mr. Belt.
Mr. Belt Manufacturers & Exporters of Fitness and Boxing Equipments
We do undertake the manufacturing of our quality products from the best of Leathers, hardware and the raw materials for the entire satisfaction of our valued client bearing in mind the technicalities.
New Products
Article Number : 1963.556
Power/Lever/Bench belt
Article Number : 1963.557
Power/Lever/Bench belt
Article Number : 1963.620
Exercise/Aerobic Belt
Boxing & Martial Arts
Boxing Gloves

Boxing Gloves

Latest Designs & styles of Boxing Gloves are available.
Boxing Mitts

Boxing Mitts

Top Quality Boxing Mitts
in latest designs.


Mr. Belt is speciallized in Manufacturing of Exercise Belts.
Grappling MMA Gloves

Grappling/MMA Gloves

Grapping fine quality Mixed Martial Arts Gloves.
Kick Shields Focus Pads

Kick Shields/Focus Pads

Kick Shield & Focus Pads for
Martial Arts Equipments

Martial Arts Equipments

A great range of martial arts equipments.
Taekwondo Gloves Foot Protectors

Taekwondo Gloves/Foot Protectors

Taekwondo Gloves in new designs and Foot Protectors.
Judo Uniforms Belt

Judo Uniforms/Belts

Top Quality Judo Uniforms and all kinds of Judo belts.
Karate Taekwondo Uniforms Belt

Karate/Taekwondo Uniforms/Belt

Best Collection of Karate and Taekwondo Uniforms and Belts.
Fitness & Weight Lifting Equipments
Exercise Belts

Exercise Belts

Mr. Belt is speciallized in Manufacturing of Exercise Belts.
Training Belts

Training Belts

We provide high quality of Training Belts.
Power Lifting Belts

Power Lifting Belts

We offer a wide range of Power Lifting Belts for professionals.
Power Lever Bench


To make your exercise easy & for your strength we provide a variety of Power & Lever Benches.
Exercise Aerobic


Mr.Belts is well known in sports market for Exercise Aerobics.
Neoprene Power Dip Belts

Neoprene/Power/Dip Belts

We can prvide all kinds of Neoprene/Power/Dip Belts.
Neoprene Pulling Anklet Sling

Neoprene Pulling

Mr. Belt is on top in the list of manufacturers of Neoprene Pulling Anklet/Sling.
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